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Двукомпонентна система  6“ 165мм 120Watt RMS 90dB


399.00 лв. 379.00 лв.



Описание на продукта

 2-Way Component System 6“ 165мм 120Watt RMS 90dB 4 ohm 55-22000 Hz Crossover WF: 3200Hz 6dB TW: 3200Hz 6dB (±2dB)

The new additions to the Tempo series practically elevate the line into another class.

The Tempo Ultra features both 2-way and point source solutions for those music aficionados who demand outstanding sonic performance and power while still getting tremendous overall value.

The new models feature a large voice coil and a stronger magnet system, which provide increased power handling (up to 30% more than the current Tempo), with lower distortion levels and improved bass response. Morel’s renowned 1.1” (28mm) soft dome tweeter delivers the detail and dynamics for a truly memorable musical experience.

The Integra point source design was developed to reproduce a constant and coherent sound field. Whether it is being used for rear-fill or as the main components for a front stage, the Tempo Ultra Integra will offer great dynamics, soundstage orientation and neutrality.

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