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1  канален усилвател с компактни размери висока ефективност и водеща в класа си качество на звука. 1 x 350W at 4 ohms / 1 x 500W at 2 ohms

619.00 лв. 588.00 лв.



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Designed to drive modern subwoofers at high levels with perfect control, Profile Sub delivers 500 watts of pure power for bass you can feel as well as hear. Optional Remote Level control for easy level adjustment. Separate Subsonic and Low pass filters for total control Parametric EQ allows tuning of sub system to suit all music styles while Class G keeps everything cool.

1 x 350W at 4 ohms / 1 x 500W at 2 ohms

[+] Technologies:
Smart Switching Automatically routes the signal
Parametric EQ (P Sub / P5) Gives full adjustment of the subwoofer sound
Thermal bias tracking Eliminates distortion
Flexi-mount system For easy installation
Vari-speed Thermal management Quietly keeps everything cool
DC Sub level control Eliminates noise pickup
[+] Features:
Power Levels [2 Ohms] 1 x 550W
Power Levels [4 Ohms] 1 x 350W
Bridge N/A
THD <0.1%
Signal to Noise Ratio 100dB ‘A’ Wtd
Input Sensitivity [Volts RMS] 0.3 ~ 4 Volts
Current Draw @ 4 Ohms 30 Amps
Fuse Rating 2 x 30 Amp
Crossovers HP [All Continuous] – CH 1 20 – 200 Hz
Crossovers LP [/- Module] – CH 1 50 – 200 Hz
Parametric Equaliser Yes
Dimensions H x W x D [mm]* 38 x 300 217
Weight [Kg] 2.0
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