Интерфейс за задна камера и видео вход за Mercedes 12.3 инча дисплей W213 , W222

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Видео интерфейс за Mercedes 12.3 инча дисплей W213 , W222

599.00 лв. 549.00 лв.


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Описание на продукта

идео интерфейс за Mercedes Comand NTG5.5
OEM radoio: Mercedes-BENZ NTG 5.5 12.3 screen
Car Model: Mercedes-BENZ C-CLASS 2019 , S-CLASS 2018, E-CLASS 2018

1* CVBS Rear view camera or 360 Panoramic input with IPAS and PDC, auto trigger, PAL or NTSC
1* CVBS Front view camera input, auto trigger after R to D gear
1* CVBS video input for DVR or digital TV or mirrorlink, switched by manual
1* VGA input for 360 Panoramic(specific model)
1* TF only for software updating

OEM parking style
Auto compatible with PAL and NTSC camera
Plug and Play

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